The Flatstock Project: Year Two

The Flatstock Project: Year Two. Working with a group of Center School students on creating posters to sell as PR/fundraiser for the school. The theme this year is NOW. The posters will be printed at The Vera Project print studio.

Update: The posters and T-shirts are done! We will be selling them during the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center Memorial Day weekend – Friday through Monday, 11:00 to 8:00 each day. Our booth is in the Founders’ Circle courtyard. Come check it out!

Update: Folklife is perhaps not the easiest place to sell art, but we still did pretty well and those that did buy your art were extremely enthusiastic. We sold over 40 posters and 32 T-shirts.We had a few return customers yesterday afternoon, and even a collector of “outsider art” who bought a print. It was also great PR for the school. I must have told at least 50 people, “yes, there really is a high school in the Center House…” Our next sales event will be the Center School Arts Showcase on June 7.

6/27/12 update: The Arts Showcase was a success! Read about the whole process here! See the art here! Stay tuned for Year Three…

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