About the Author

Margaret Chodos-Irvine is an award-winning illustrator and children’s book author who feels strongly about the need for the arts in public schools. As a parent of two daughters, she has had the opportunity to work with Seattle public schools and local arts organizations to enrich and augment existing curricula.

Margaret holds BA degrees in both Art and Anthropology from the University of Oregon. She also likes to dance, see theater, watch films, listen to music, view art, read books, and make stuff.

7 responses to “About the Author

  1. Great stuff Margaret!

  2. Wow! Good for you, Margaret! I’m so impressed. By the way, Marty McLaren, the candidate challenging Sundquist for a spot on the Seattle School Board, lives at Puget Ridge Cohousing and I know her from our years there. She’s a lovely person with a good heart. I know little about her stance on public education, but I know she’s solid and very well-intentioned.
    I love your blog. Good for you for making this dream a reality.


  3. Margaret this is great! Love the information, the writing style and humor. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  4. Kelly Van Gelder

    Margaret! This is not only a wonderful resource, but a joy to read. Thank you for stepping up to be creative connective tissue for our students!

  5. Hi Margaret . I found you when I was googling for a Visual Arts assignment – part of my training to become a secondary art teacher . Your site is great – thanks so much . I look forward to reading more from you in the future !
    Jane from NZ

  6. Whoo Hoo you are internationally known now! Thank you Jane from NZ for the recognition, and thank you Margaret for shouting out the news! (Go Kiwis! Did my graduate degree in Business at Canterbury.)

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