Recruitment Time!

Flatstock Project poster by Pliny Stevens

I sent a message in to The Center School’s BLAST newsletter editor yesterday. I am recruiting for my replacement at The Center School as volunteer arts liaison. As much as I have loved working with the staff these past four years, my daughter has graduated and it’s time for another parent to step in and carry the job of arts liaison forward. I am excited to bring someone new on board.

This is what I sent in:

Do you have a respect for the artists, an appreciation of the value of the arts in your child’s education, and an enthusiasm for bringing people together? Do you like meeting amazing, creative people? When given a task do you pursue it like a terrier chasing after a thrown stick? Then you could be the Center School’s next arts liaison!

As Center’s Arts Liaison, your tasks will include:

  • discussing options and opportunities with school staff for arts community engagements
  • researching possible integrative art ideas and resources
  • making contacts within the local arts community
  • working with CSCA funds and managing an arts enrichment budget
  • speaking up on behalf of the arts at school social events and CSCA meetings
  • Helping to organize fundraising efforts for school arts enrichment
  • keeping a record of the engagements the school has had with various artists and arts organizations maintaining those connections

A liaison acts as a link to help bring people together for the mutual benefit of all involved. You don’t just add, you connect! This could be YOU!

What do you think? Sound appealing? Consider this an advertisement for arts liaisoning in general. Maybe it will inspire YOU (or someone you know) to volunteer or recruit for an arts liaison at another school. Just substitute (your school here) for “The Center School” and PTSA for CSCA, then talk to your school staff and PTSA board members.

Make good things happen!

One response to “Recruitment Time!

  1. Margaret,

    Your position announcement looks very good.  Thanks very much for offering to serve as Arts Liaison during this transition period.

    thanks, Sam


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